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  • A look at Reverse Mortgages

A Look At Reverse Mortgages

By |October 24, 2022|

As with most things promoted to us, there are positives and negatives to consider in determining if a Reverse Mortgage is what you need.

Being a good “Covie”

By |April 7, 2022|

When faced with two red lines on the little plastic RAT, we need to take the situation seriously and do whatever necessary to eradicate the infection. There are a few, very basic steps we can take to help the immune system do its job.

Random Thoughts On The Ukraine

By |March 24, 2022|

Do you see the similarities in President Putin going in to “liberate” Russian people living in Ukraine, to that same rationale Hitler used in Poland, Czechoslovakia and other countries?

Random Thoughts While Snowed In

By |January 26, 2022|

Several questions occurred to me, and I know there will be no answers to them, but I share them for you just to get them off my chest.

  • The word woke has made its way into mainstream use over the past few years (Photo: Shutterstock)

Shouldn’t Woke Go Farther?

By |December 15, 2021|

I am convinced that there is no level beneath which the Woke and Thought Police cannot go. Therefore, I thought I might offer them a few suggestions about Christmas that need revision or outright expulsion.

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