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About The Silver Life

About The Silver Life2022-04-07T19:40:35-04:00

Ageing cannot be avoided but it most certainly can be enjoyed.

That is the belief of three friends, living in geographically diverse cultures, who have come together to launch a new website named The Silver Life at – a website that is aimed at helping people enjoy the many positive aspects of this new era of our lives in the 21st century. These positive aspects include better health, opportunities to make a lasting impact in some way, time for the leisure too long postponed and, in many cases, the money to do all these things and even more.

The three ‘youngsters’ behind the website share an average age well into The Silver Life and a heartfelt desire to enhance the way people think about ageing.

“So many people dream of retirement and then do little more than sit around waiting for the grim reaper.” says the team. “In fact, that time in life is just the beginning of the next chapter, all we have to do is to be positive and proactive. There are so many ways to have fun and to contribute towards society.”

The impetus for our team members to act on their dream is the strong conviction that it is a crime not to take advantage of the many opportunities that present themselves in this exciting chapter of our lives. “Life is a gift that we must never squander. To waste the time, the experience, and the freedom we now have, or even a little part of these wonderful things, is to ignore that gift.”

So join us in making The Silver Life all you can for yourself, your family, and for society at large. There is no catch, just one of the greatest opportunities you may see.

Editorial Policy

The Silver Life sets out to be a sometimes light-hearted, sometimes serious, publication written for the reader at or near retirement age (and their families) who has decided not to ‘retire’ in the traditional sense of that word.

More specifically, TSL will contain articles that reflect opinion, commentary, suggestions, humour etc that we believe is of interest to those of us with experience of life that wish to add to that experience, to share it with like-minded people, and to enjoy doing both of those things.

TSL will not publish articles that relate to the negative aspects of ageing but rather encourage focus on the positive aspects of adding life to our years as opposed to years to our life. There will be no promotion of medical aids etc.

TSL will not be afraid to cover potentially contentious topics such as politics, race, and religion but will do so with respect – and sometimes with humour.

TSL will be a journal that its audience looks forward to reading and, having done so, feels more positive and open towards life.

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