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Tips for Senior Caregivers Wanting to Start a Side Hustle

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As a senior caregiver, you’re busy. However, it may help you mentally to do something for yourself, such as starting a side gig. It’s important to know where to begin and what options fit into your life best. Today, The Silver Life shares some tips to help you discover the hustle that’s best for you.

Best Side Gigs for Caregivers

Consider opening a writing business. If you have a medical background or have research skills, you can even become a healthcare writer. This option gives you schedule flexibility. Plus, if the senior you’re caring for suffers from a medical emergency, you can assist with little disruption to your job.

Another option for a side gig is delivering packages or food. You can choose the jobs you take on based on distance and pay. This allows you to select a schedule around your caregiving responsibilities.

Benefits of a Side Gig

One of the main benefits of a side gig is that you can earn extra money. You’re also doing something that takes you away from being a caregiver for a bit, which can give your mind a break. Furthermore, having a side gig allows you to grow professionally.

Finding Work

As a caregiver, you probably have a busy schedule. Fortunately, the internet makes it easy for you to find gigs without leaving home. For instance, you may use social media to your advantage and network. Various sites post freelancing gigs or allow you to post advertisements.

Utilizing Invoicing Software

One of the most important things you can do is to keep track of your finances. This includes knowing what money is coming in and what money is going out. Programs for invoicing clients can help you to keep track of your income and expenses, as well as provide a comfortable retreat for clients who may be hesitant to pay in cash. In addition, invoicing software can also help you to keep track of your taxes and other financial obligations.

Choosing a Business Structure

Think about your business structure. Particularly, focus on one that’s most beneficial to you as a caregiver. For instance, you can organize as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company. LLCs offer tax benefits and protect your assets in case litigation is brought against you.

Look into your state’s laws before you form an LLC, though. The regulations vary from state to state, and you want to remain compliant. Once you’re sure you can and want to create an LLC, consider using an online formation service. You avoid the hassle of doing it on your own, and you don’t have to pay the astronomical fees of hiring an attorney.


After you’ve started your business, the next step is to advertise! Luckily, these days, the internet makes that a piece of cake. One of the best ways to reach a large audience is by advertising over social media. Share posts on Facebook and Instagram offering your services, and if possible, include quotes and testimonials from past clients singing your praises.

Don’t Forget To Take Time for Yourself

Even if you start a side hustle for yourself, you still need to take other time for yourself to take your mind off your side gig and the responsibilities of being a caregiver. Find activities that allow you to de-stress, such as going for walks, reading books, doing yoga, booking a spa day, or trying a new hobby. You should also consider hiring outside help to reduce your workload whenever possible. You can outsource to a BPO company with relative ease, but when you’re browsing listings, don’t just look at price. Also look at their ratings and don’t be afraid to contact them with questions about your specific needs. And who knows? Perhaps you’ll want to join them!

Taking on a side gig is a great way to supplement your existing income, providing you with some additional financial stability. While it can be a little difficult to get started, it’s really just a matter of preparation. By knowing the available opportunities and where to find them, you can keep stress at a minimum while vastly improving your finances.

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