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Your story – Cherryl

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First name: Cherryl
Age: 60-79
Gender: Female
Children: All adults.

Highest school level: College/University degree

Social background: I am a physically active woman who has spent many active days on small group hiking trips. I live in Indiana, and always wanted to live in mountains. Finally, we found the Highlands-Cashiers area and rented than purchased a small home. It is in the middle of the woods, and we are there mostly in the summer. I enjoy the nearby small town atmosphere. I also love reading, and meeting with friends. But in WNC, the quiet and the lush mountains are wonderful.

Career: As a general psychiatrist, I had both a solo private practice and worked with a psychiatric group that provided a wide range of services in my midwestern city. I also raised three children, and now have 7 grandchildren. I loved going to meetings in places that were new to me. Often with friend colleagues. On top of that, I was a Disney freak! I e been completely retired for ten years now, and I love it!

Retirement plans: Already wholly retired

Forced into retirement: No

Retirement preparation: I planned to continue hiking trips and general travel. I have enjoyed this. Unfortunately my spouses medical problems have curtailed much of these activities. Also, my hiking friends keep getting older also. Funny about how that seems to happen to all of us…

Describe typical day: Get up. Check email. Feed the dogs. Do necessary chores. Enjoy occasional activities. Keep up with friends. Enjoy reading and book club. Love to walk the dogs. Just do a bunch of stuff that’s usually enjoyable.

Look forward to retirement: Other

Expectations: I loved my work, and rather hated to give it up. But I went straight from college to professional school. When I finished my residency, I decided on a part time Practice, as by then I had three small children. Also my spouse was a full time physician with too many night Night calls. It all worked pretty well, but I was the one who saw that everything was organized and executed.

At some point I just let my practice “get the dwindles”, and closed my office. I was aware that many women are fortunate enough to take time off for full time childcare, later returning to work. I couldn’t do that, and I wanted some time to enjoy life in other ways before I became to old to travel, etc.

Hobbies: Yes. But not enough. I loved to take my kids on Spring break. Also occasional trips to Disney were fun for all. At some point I got into a travel group that did “adventure” travel . I did many trips, both in and beyond the USA, and developed a great support group, which continued after I retired.

Continue to work: I saw a very limited number of patients for about 10 years after I closed my practice. And went to occasional meetings. It was a nice way to back away….

Retraining: I didn’t do partial retirement.

What would you change about second career: Didn’t do that.

Encounter ageism: No problems. I work well with others, generally.

Did you relocate: No

Live near family: Yes

Advice for others: Think about what you are going to do before you retire. Especially people who work for companies that let people go before they are of retirement age. Prepare for a second career if you find it necessary, and do something you really like.

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