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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Empty Nest

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Nearing the Nest: Moving Closer to Your ChildrenNearing the Nest: Moving Closer to Your Children

Your children have finally moved out, and although you thought you would love the peace and quiet, you feel like your life is a little emptier. Many empty nesters struggle to find out what to do with all of their new free time!

If you need motivation to try something new, you can turn to The Silver Life for suggestions. Furthermore, these tips are packed with ideas, from starting a business to going back to school.

Launch a Small Business

What if you always wondered what it would be like to work for yourself? Now is the perfect time to start a small business. You don’t have to over-commit! Just pick up enough work for part-time hours.

If you intend to start a business, you’ll likely want to structure it as an LLC. With this status, you’ll have limited liability, which is important for protecting your retirement portfolio. Plus, you’ll get perks like tax advantages so that you can save even more! File on your own or use a formation service to avoid lawyer fees.

Earn Your Degree Online

Your education never has to stop. With the extra time that having an empty nest allows, you can go here to earn a degree online and turn learning into a lifelong journey. This can help you navigate a career change or start a side hustle! For instance, if you’re interested in getting your business degree, you’ll be introduced to subjects like communications, management, and accounting. By getting your degree online, you can make time for all of your hobbies and work responsibilities without neglecting your studies.

Write Your Memoir

Looking back on your life, you might realize that you have stories to tell that you’ve simply never had the time to write down. Now, you can write your memoir! To get started with your memoir, Senior Lifestyle recommends writing an outline, thinking about the themes you want to convey, and adding lots of details to color your life story.

Bring Your Loved Ones Together

Maybe you do miss the feeling of having a full house at times. There’s nothing stopping you from hosting dinner parties and bringing your friends together! Invite over a few friends who you would like to spend more time with, and cook some of your favorite dishes. Alternatively, you could ask people to bring meals over for a potluck.

See the World

With an empty nest, you have the chance to travel extensively! Due states that if you want to plan for extended travel, you can start by creating a bucket list, researching extended hotel stays for better deals and inviting some friends to come along with you.


Perhaps you want to do something meaningful with all of the extra time you now have in your schedule. Sure, your hobbies are fun, and you would never turn down a chance to travel or spend time with your friends – but you want to dedicate some time to giving back to your community, too.

Volunteering can scratch that itch! You may want to reach out to local non-profits or charities and see if any of them are seeking new volunteers. Chances are, they will be happy to hear from you and would love to have you pitch in!

When you have an empty nest, a world of opportunities opens up. You’ll be able to try new hobbies, spend more time with your friends, and travel far and wide! From launching your very own business to earning another degree, these tips will help you take advantage of your free time and resources as an empty nester.

Ready to live out your dreams as an empty nester? Find tips and ideas from The Silver Life! Browse our website today for inspiration.

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After retirement, I was bored and struggled to find a new sense of purpose. So, I decided to learn a new skill. I took a computer course and learned how to build a website. Now, I try new things all the time. I believe nothing is off limits to seniors, and I want to spread the word!

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