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5 of the Best Exercise Shoes for Seniors

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Running is a great form of exercise especially for seniors. It is a very versatile sport that can be enjoyed by many with very minimal requirements.

A previous report by The National Institute of Health talked about how exercise provides many health benefits for the elderly, such as staying strong, getting fit, and being able to maintain one’s independence as they enjoy their retirement.

But as we age, our body naturally loses strength and our muscles become less flexible. This natural wear and tear results in making our feet flatter. Therefore, it’s important to have the right gear so we can avoid injury and reduce the aches on our body, knees, calves, ankles, and feet. In this article, we discuss the five best exercise shoes for seniors:

1. New Balance Fresh Foam

The New Balance Fresh Foam is a popular shoe because of its clean look and classy style. Plus, New Balance is known for making shoe models apt for older wearers, providing Medicare-approved diabetic shoes and extra wide designs for those that need them.

This lightweight shoe was engineered with an ultra-heel cushion to completely support the foot and give a perfectly snug fit. It has midsole padding for extra comfort, flexible webbing, and a synthetic material mesh upper as breathable material. The shoe offers a lace-up closure to secure your entire foot. Not only is it comfortable to wear all day, but it is also great for walking, running, and pairing with casual clothes.

2. ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

The ASICS Gel-Venture 6 has proven to be a very good choice because of its amazing comfort and cool look. This stylish running shoe offers multi-directional tread for good traction on any type of surface.

To absorb shock from high-impact running, it has a Rearfoot GEL technology and it offers an AHAR outsole for durability. The upper has been engineered with a strong synthetic stitched-down toe to secure the entire foot. It is has a relatively low price and still provides great comfort due to the gel technology.

3. Nike Go FlyEase

The Nike Go FlyEase has been one of the most highly anticipated shoes of the year, with collectors even turning to online sneaker communities to get a hold of a pair. Not only does it have the signature, stylish Nike design, but its no-hands construction makes it great for seniors and other persons with a disability.

This is the first shoe in the world engineered with a unique hinge that is built into the outsole. The hinge allows users to slip these shoes on without bending over or extending their hands. When the hinge is open, you slide your foot into the toe box, press down and then the shoe snaps shut. These special features make it great for seniors and disabled people to put shoes on with ease and still look cool and stylish.

4. Saucony S10483-2 Trail Running Shoe

This Saucony S10483-2 Trail Running Shoe has gained popularity due to its dirt-friendly traction on both trails and roads.

This shoe features PWRTRAC sticky outsole for strong traction on wet surfaces and a PWRRUN midsole for shock-absorbing padding and extra cushioning. The upper is a breathable knit for extra ventilation and FORMIT surrounds the entire foot for maximum comfort. For those who enjoy crossing over between different types of terrain, this is the perfect shoe for you.

5. Skechers Energy Afterburn Lace Up Shoes

These sporty Energy-After Burn Shoes are the top choice for many athletic seniors because of their stylish features and handsome leather upper accents.

These shoes are made with a cushioned insole for extra comfort and a midsole to absorb shock from running. The traction outsole is made of flexible rubber to give both comfort and strong traction on the road. For those who want to exercise in style, these black leather workout shoes make a strong statement.

As we age, our bodies change, but this doesn’t mean we have to stop moving and staying active. We can always make the right adjustments and buy the shoes that will help us exercise in comfort, look stylish, and protect our bodies as we do the things we love.

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