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Your Brief Guide for What to Expect During a Home Renovation

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Big aspirations can have you leaping prematurely into a home renovation. If you don’t realistically consider the process, the experience can become torture.

Use this guide from The Silver Life as preparation for your home makeover to reduce unpleasant surprises.

You May Not Get Everything You Originally Wanted

Great works are often created by artists who must improvise around limitations. What you thought you could accomplish in your home may not be possible because of unknown underlying considerations or a lack of materials. Determine a few deal breakers but remain practical with your expectations and expect compromises. As you plan the remodel, Chartway Credit Union suggests you set aside 20% extra for unexpected issues. Remain flexible with your timeline and budget and focus on quality. When you collaborate with contractors you trust, adjustments lead to a stellar result.

Life Will Be Messy

As a senior who is used to order and routine, it may be difficult to come to grips with the dust flying around and a level of chaos. If the contractor is implementing takeoff software to tightly control everything, there will still be unexpected issues that will crop up. Even with floor covers and dust barriers, debris finds its way into other areas as your HVAC circulates air through the house. Do all you can to guard your systems, but recognize it’s the price of getting a job done correctly. Hovering over contractors and micromanaging every step to keep your home pristine strains the working relationship and impedes workers from doing their best. Think like a kid and learn to appreciate a mess for a while.

Home Offices Need Attention

Renovation is perfect for taking your home office space from a makeshift operation to a professional setting. Bright colors, fresh air, and open space aid workday concentration, and a few decorative details can be inspirational. Comfy furniture helps you to sit upright and saves your back with better posture. More windows and new fixtures provide adequate lighting to prevent eye strain.

Home office space is more important than ever with the rise of remote and hybrid work. By adding features that buyers look for, you boost the value of your property. Compare your current estimated value to other homes in your area to find the value of additions and upgrades.

You Can Get More Out of Your Renovation by Hiring an Interior Designer

Home Design Institute notes that quality interior designers have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to creating aesthetically pleasing spaces –whether you’re a senior who’s lived in the same house for years or as a first-time homeowner – as well as a keen grasp of functional design principles. If you want to hire an interior designer, this should work to avoid common pitfalls that arise during home renovations, such as choosing fixtures or finishes that are impractical or unattractive. Plus, hiring a professional designer can save you time and money in the long run by ensuring your renovation is carried out efficiently and on budget.

Storage Units Are Your Friends

The mess and activity can put valuables at risk. If things are in the way of workers, you add time and labor costs to your project. Save yourself issues and help the job get done correctly by storing your belongings to clear out space. Plan for storage expenses to take advantage of deals, such as new customer discounts.

Tracking Progress Keeps You Focused

You may get discouraged by the noise, project hiccups, and comments from nosy neighbors. Your home is your baby, so treat it like a child with pictures of its progress and a diary. As you review how far you’ve come, you’ll remain motivated to finish the job right.

The stressful labor of completing your home improvements yields outstanding benefits when you stay the course and use foresight to minimize the challenges, such as planning for necessary storage to clear space. Follow a flexible plan that makes valuable enhancements to your home and a redesigned home office, and your place will become the dwelling of your dreams. You deserve it after all these years!

The Silver Life is aimed at helping people enjoy the many positive aspects of this new era of our lives in the 21st century.

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