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Have you met a celebrity / famous person?

The three of us who live, eat, sleep, and dream about were shooting the breeze earlier today and talking about nothing in particular when we hit upon the theme of famous and/or significant people we have met. We then thought this might be a theme to develop as a series of articles for publication on the website.

For my part, and without wanting to boast, I am fortunate to have met former royalty, a handful of generals, a leading orchestral conductor and, not least importantly, a man who was blinded at a young age and went on to achieve many things I have certainly not achieved including qualification as a lawyer.

On the basis that there’s no time like the present, we decided to go ahead and start to write this series and, at the same time, to invite everyone reading this to help us and submit your own experiences of this kind for publication on our website.

Please give this idea some serious thought and send your articles to Ideally articles should be between 500 and 1000 words. Photographs are also most welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you – we are sure there are many interesting stories out there!

George Simpson


Random Thoughts On The Ukraine

By |March 24, 2022|Editorials|

Do you see the similarities in President Putin going in to “liberate” Russian people living in Ukraine, to that same rationale Hitler used in Poland, Czechoslovakia and other countries?




Who wants your collections?

By |September 26, 2023|Antiques & Collectibles|

How many of us have a “prized” collection of such things such as Hummel figurines, carefully purchased “collectible” gold or silver coins, “collectible” sports cards, treasured wedding presents, or grandmother’s china set?

Your story – Gabriel

By |September 26, 2023|To Retire Or Not To Retire|

First name: Gabriel Age: 60-79 Gender: Male Children: 2 children Highest school level: College/University degree Social background: 61 years old still working full time 5 days a week. Healthwise doing fine but would like to [...]


Ageing cannot be avoided but it most certainly can be enjoyed.

That is the belief of three friends, living in geographically diverse cultures, who have come together to launch a new website named The Silver Life at – a website that is aimed at helping people enjoy the many positive aspects of this new era of our lives in the 21st century. These positive aspects include better health, opportunities to make a lasting impact in some way, time for the leisure too long postponed and, in many cases, the money to do all these things and even more.

The three ‘youngsters’ behind the website share an average age well into The Silver Life and a heartfelt desire to enhance the way people think about ageing.

So join us in making The Silver Life all you can for yourself, your family, and for society at large. There is no catch, just one of the greatest opportunities you may see.


The Silver Life - Online Community & Resource for Active Retirees/Pensioners/Over Fifty - Leonard Baer

Leonard Baer

Leonard Baer is a lawyer who focuses on Elder Law, and Estate Planning, representing clients in Highlands, North Carolina and Wellington, Florida. He has been writing blog posts for his own web site for years and we are grateful he is happy to share his articles with The Silver Life. His Elder Law News is a great resource for those who are just not sure about the latest impacts of the legislation amendments.

Go to The “Baer” Facts and catch up with the way Leonard sees it.

To Retire Or Not To Retire

The “Baer” Facts

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