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Perhaps I should begin by making it clear I am not given to making endorsements, paid or otherwise. But I’m going to break my own rule this time and, please note, gratuitously endorse a product that I feel deserves more than a passing mention.

Like many people, I guess, I was irritated when Apple decided to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone. Why change something that works well, I thought?

I decided to resist change and to continue with the old system thanks to an extra bit of wire that came with my new iPhone. It, too, worked well although it became a real pain having to drag that tiny bit of wire around with me. I make my living on the phone much of the time and so I had to comply with Apple’s wishes although not exactly in the way that they wanted.

Highly frustrated, I gave up and marched into the nearest Apple shop demanding to buy Apple’s much-heralded AirPods only to be told they were not readily available and might become so in about six weeks. Increasingly frustrated, I called into the Apple shop every month or so for about nine months until I was finally able to buy a set of AirPods.

It’s quite true that the AirPods are not cheap but, to my mind, they are a true wonder. The only criticism I might make of the design is that they are plenty small enough for someone like me with fingers that bear a strong resemblance to a bunch of bananas but, even though I use them very regularly, I have not dropped one yet.

Apart from that little moan, I am only full of the utmost admiration for the AirPods. They are small, well-designed and, what’s more, they work really well with a wonderful sound quality. Admittedly I’m not yet keen to parade around the local shopping mall with them protruding from my ears but I’m pretty certain I’ll overcome even this particular prejudice sooner rather than later.

Well done, Apple, you have produced a true wonder that helps make my life better!

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