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Finding Networking Opportunities for Active Seniors

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Staying active after retirement can sometimes be a challenge for seniors. And finding ways to stay engaged isn’t always easy once you’re out of the workforce. That’s why The Silver Life has compiled a list of strategies to help you meet people and establish new relationships to grow your network.

Be True to Your Word

Even if you aren’t a social butterfly, you may still want to keep in touch with people and stay connected with others after you retire. So think about joining a club or a trade association to stay abreast of the latest developments in your field. Sign up for a gym membership and enroll in a group exercise class where you’ll meet other members while you keep your body in shape. Follow your passion and find an activity where you can get acquainted with like-minded people.   And after meeting someone, be sure to follow up and follow through with them: did you promise to share a lead or some career advice, get them the phone number of a trusted professional, or invite them over for coffee? By following up and being true to your word, you’ll gain people’s trust and develop long-lasting friendships.

Look for Volunteer Opportunities

After retiring, a wonderful way to meet people and do good at the same time is to volunteer for a worthy cause or organization. If you don’t know where to start, check with your local schools, museums, or libraries that often rely on volunteer help for many projects. Contact charitable organizations and get involved in your local soup kitchen, food pantry, or other nonprofit serving the underprivileged. Or take stock of your skills and experience and look for jobs teaching, tutoring, or mentoring younger people who will benefit from your expertise. Giving back to your community will help you expand your network while filling your time with worthy endeavors.

Find People and Activities Online

Whether you’re trying to reconnect with long-lost friends, old schoolmates, or former colleagues or whether you’re looking to stay involved in your community, use the power of the internet to help you look for and find people. Staying social will help keep your mind sharp: intellectual stimulation provided by discussing or debating new concepts and ideas, learning new skills, or even just playing games will benefit your cognitive functions. So take advantage of the internet and join online groups and communities where you’ll meet people sharing similar interests as yours. Keep informed on the latest events in your city that you can participate in. Sign up for classes or seminars to learn a new pastime or a new activity or delve deeper into a subject you’re passionate about.

Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date

If you’re planning on continuing to work or starting a small business after you’ve reached the age of retirement, it’s a good idea to update and spruce up your resume, especially if you haven’t had a need for one in a long time. To begin, here’s a free resume builder that you can use – customize it with fonts and colors that match your personality, add a photo or other visual elements to make it pop, and don’t forget to include the best ways to reach you. Free online résumé templates will give you tips on how to optimize your resume for SEO, using the right keywords that will get you noticed and on your way to meeting new partners or colleagues.

Staying socially active after you retire will help you stay mentally sharp and physically fit. So find opportunities to get involved in your community and give back by sharing your know-how with others. You’ll feel good about yourself, and you’ll help the people around you.

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After retirement, I was bored and struggled to find a new sense of purpose. So, I decided to learn a new skill. I took a computer course and learned how to build a website. Now, I try new things all the time. I believe nothing is off limits to seniors, and I want to spread the word!

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