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Married Later: Building a Life in Your Golden Years

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More than ever, more couples divorce in their golden years. Divorce as an older adult can feel devastating. After all, you may not know how to live life without your partner. However, while many adults divorce, there are always others who could complete your life, marry you and live out his or her golden years at your side.

Settle Financial Discussions

Before you marry, talk about your finances. Financial discussions should include talk of any pensions, social security, insurance, Medicare or inheritances. Talk about whether you should combine your finances and how to plan for other costs that may spring up. Can you afford to pay hospital bills or cover long-term care, if necessary? Talk about tax filing and social security and how you plan to update both.

Find out what happens to your Medicare once you remarry. For example, experts explain that if you remarry while your former spouse is still alive, your marriage to your new partner is the only marriage considered by Medicare. You no longer qualify to use your former marriage for Medicare.

If you require prompt money for any reason, there are various ways to find funding, regardless of age. Title loans allow you to use your vehicle as collateral to receive an emergency loan. Additionally, multiple institutions offer personal loans.

Talk About Your Passions

A successful and happy life does not boil down to money. As you age, this becomes more apparent. Use your golden years to pursue passions and to seek what makes you happy. When you give attention to your passion, you are more likely to stimulate your creativity. For instance, if you love to create art, talk about it with your new spouse. The two of you may both enjoy art and find time to make it together.

Think about how the two of you can pursue your passions and still make an income. After retirement, you have more time for passion projects. Consider starting your own business by creating a business plan that covers the product or service you want to sell, the financial projections and how you plan to care for your employees. If you start a business in your golden years, you are more likely to succeed because you understand how a company works. You know how to stand your ground and use the experience to your advantage.

There are a number of ways to go about marketing your business on social media, and the approach you take will depend on the platform you’re using. For instance, on Facebook, you can create a business page and share posts about your products or services. You can also use Twitter to share updates about your business, or run ads that target specific users. You can add an attractive banner to your social media pages using a banner generator tool. After choosing your template, personalize your banner with your own fonts and images.

Find a Sense of Home

You can have your dream home at any age. How do you imagine your life when you settle down with your new spouse? Does your current house suit your future? You can choose a new house as you age. Before you go house hunting, think about your budget and your needs. As you age, climbing stairs every day may become more difficult. Some older adults choose to have one-level homes as they become older. Additionally, to make the process easier, hire a real estate agent. A real estate agent can help you find homes that fit your budget and lifestyle.

As you house hunt, look for a home in which you picture yourself and your new spouse. Life can begin again as you age, especially if remarriage is in your future.

Before navigating married life, you need to have a picture of the life you want to lead with your loved one. Your golden years could be the best years of your life if you prepare to welcome your partner into the family.

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