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Road ridiculousness

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I have just been to merry old England and, while driving around, I was delighted to witness the high levels of courtesy and consideration that motorists show to each other over there. To my initial astonishment, I saw drivers give way to others with a smile and the favor acknowledged with a smile and a wave.

I then went home via Australia (I took the scenic route) where, as in so many other countries, testosterone levels run high and it is a matter of pride to overtake the car in front regardless of the danger involved and of the limited advantage gained.

Testosterone levels surely do run high there in the P (for provisional) Platers who race around as if emulating Daniel Ricciardo, the country’s latest F1 hero.

It wasn’t just the men doing this, it seemed as if many of the P-Plate offenders are young women. Perhaps they are emulating their mothers in their “injury-proof”, four-wheel drive, SUVs.

Yours in road safety,


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