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The perils of sandwich ordering

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Why is it that, these days, you can never buy a good and simple old-fashioned sandwich?

Only today, a menu promised a turkey and cheddar cheese sandwich that sounded really tempting as I remembered that, many years ago, I’d enjoyed a similar treat on a London railway station one wet and windy evening.

So I ordered my treat again.

What was brought to my table, surprisingly quickly I thought, comprised two slices of toast containing the turkey covered in runny, molten cheese. Not at all what I’d had in mind.

Normally I might have let the incident pass but the café manager asked if I’d enjoyed my sandwich. I told him that I most definitely had not and that the sandwich I’d been given was not what had been promised on his menu.

Unlike on previous occasions, the mistake was acknowledged by the restaurant once I had uttered the word ‘misrepresentation’. On those previous occasions I had been given different excuses by other establishments keen to impose their versions of traditional sandwiches on the buying public. They had, of course, wanted to upsell me to a higher price level than my humble treat could have commanded.

Encouraged by my relative success yesterday, I ordered a cheese sandwich for lunch today – untoasted and with unmelted cheese. What did I get? No toast, unmelted cheese and – three slices of bread where I had expected two!

Yours in irritation,

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