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Your story – partially retired male

Your story - Jill
Your story - Peter

Gender: Male
Children: Yes, son and daughter

Highest school level: High School diploma

Social background: Male, 64 years of age. Married, two adult children. Grandfather. Experienced B2B marketing manager. IT and financial background.

Career: Started in the financial services industry. Moved to the IT-sector after a couple of years and became a technical IT-professional. After a few years I rolled into management. At first as a project and departemental manager, later in my career as an MD of several IT-companies. My last job for retirement was marketing director of an IT product and services company.

Retirement plans: Already partially retired

Forced into retirement: Yes

Retirement preparation: Didn’t plan for retirement. No specific plans.

Describe typical day: Approx. two days a week I’m working as a freelance marketing consultant. I’m learning how to develop apps. Just to keep my brains working and be active.

Look forward to retirement: Yes

Expectations: Free time, No stress

Hobbies: No not really.

Continue to work: Yes, but for a period of 12 months from now.

Retraining: No retraining required

What would you change about second career: Nothing. I’m not pursuing a second career.

Encounter ageism: Very well. No problems.

Did you relocate: No

Live near family: Yes

Advice for others: Stay active. Don’t sit down and do nothing.

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