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Your story – Jill

Your story - 60-79 year old retrained male
Your story - partially retired male

First Name: Jill
Age: 60-79
Gender: Female
Children: Yes, 3

Highest school level: College/University degree

Social background: I love to live in the moment, my family and then friends are the most important thing in my life. I assist in running Adventure camps for teenage kids. I sing in a choir and play ukulele. I am very happily married.

Career: I was a kindergarten teacher for twenty-five years and then a primary school relief teacher until retirement.

Retirement plans: Already wholly retired.

Forced into retirement: No

Retirement preparation: No, I did not have a plan but had not worked full time.

Describe typical day: Play ukulele, singing practice, exercise, volunteer work.

Look forward to retirement: Yes

Expectations: Time to travel and please myself.

Hobbies: Yes, singing.

Continue to work: No

Retraining: No

What would you change about second career: N/A

Encounter ageism: No problem, I was very well respected in my work.

Did you relocate: No

Live near family: No

Advice for others: Be prepared with interests to fill your day, you need to want to stop work. I just make decisions for myself, most other people thought I was retiring too early, 55, but it was the best thing I ever did.

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