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COVID defeated at last!

Being a good "Covie"
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Covid has been finally defeated – at least that would seem to be so judging by the behaviour of my fellow citizens. Social distancing is no more and mask wearing has once again become unfashionable, or at least considered unnecessary. If you have to wear one, why not wear it under your nose? It’s far less inconvenient that way.

Meanwhile, of course, Covid continues to spread at a pace. Do we care? Obviously so many do not. They have ‘got their lives back’ and, come what may, they are going to enjoy themselves to the full.

As it happens, I do care. I am of an age where I must avoid Covid if I can and, despite being vaccinated up to the hilt, I still feel I should stick by my own – admittedly very conservative – rules.

Will my fellow citizens allow me to make my own choices in this way? It seems not. Once more, nobody seems to worry about other people. It’s every man for himself again these days.

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About the Author: George Simpson

George is our Editor-in-Chief. He has been involved in many aspects of management and consultancy throughout his professional life. He is the embodiment of a typical "Silver Lifer" and continues to have significant meaning to those around him and society as a whole. Follow George on George is a founding member of The Silver Life.

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