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Shopping arcades and small dogs

The Silver Life - That darned doorIt's that darned door!

I was walking through a local shopping arcade the other day behind a lady with one of those very small dogs that yelps more than barks.

Why grumble about that, you may say? The truth is that everything was fine until the lady in question spotted a friend and immediately stopped for a chat. Thoughtlessly, she did not pull to one side to allow others to pass but she stopped slap bang in the middle of the walkway and allowed her dog to further block pedestrians by frantically running around on its long lead.

Surely a walkway is there to allow us all to pass and repass so that we may go about our business and do our shopping or whatever we need to do. If we want to chat we can pull to one side and let others pass unimpeded.

My grumble this month is that the lady in question (it could just as easily have been a man) shows no respect for her fellow beings.

Is she really the most important person on earth in her own mind or does she just not think?

Yours in irritability,

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