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iAnnoyed – An open letter to Apple

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Dear Mr Cook,

After my recent piece praising Apple’s AirPods, today I’m feeling so annoyed with Apple that I’m starting to look at ads for Samsung.

I have always been pretty diligent in keeping my apps up-to-date and synced between my MacBook Air, iPad Pro, and iPhone 7 Plus.  Mr Cook, please take careful note of my loyalty to your brand – so far, that is.

Yesterday I went to open iTunes to do my housekeeping when, to my surprise, I was presented with a screen inviting me to agree to new terms and conditions for iTunes.  Strange, I thought, there’s no explanation, is this someone trying to hack into my computer?

It turns out that it was genuine screen (but how awfully rude!) that led me to Apple’s statement, “The new iTunes focuses on music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks. Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are now exclusively available in the new App Store for iOS.”

In other words and without warning, we (Apple) have kicked the apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod out of iTunes and put them into App Store for iOS.

It’s true that Apple provided a few, sometimes confusing, notes designed to help but, a full hour later, I am still grappling with the changes and, whilst not an IT-Whizz, I am most certainly not a babe-in-the-woods.

I can’t really spare that hour, or the other hours that are inevitably to follow, before I get things back to normal.  I’ve a living to make and I’m already well into the business day.

Thanks for thinking of me, Mr Cook!


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