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Your story – 60-79 year old retired male

stresses of holiday travelYour story - Ian
Your story - 60-79 year old retrained male

Age: 60-79
Gender: Male
Children: Yes – two

Highest school level: College/University degree

Social background: Aged 73. Enjoying retirement. Worked continuously all my working life but in several occupations.

Career: Worked as a design draftsman and school teacher. Currently retired.

Retirement plans: Already wholly retired.

Forced into retirement: No

Retirement preparation: Set a number of projects in place before retiring, including travel.

Describe typical day: Rise, breakfast, read papers online. Work in the garden, or in workshop. Lunch, projects, sleep, walk. Dinner, watch TV, work on projects on computer.

Look forward to retirement: Yes

Expectations: To remain healthy and active. To be able to travel.

Hobbies: Yes. Woodworking, wood carving, art, photography, gardening.

Continue to work: No

Retraining: No

Encounter ageism: Well respected.

Did you relocate: No

Live near family: Yes and No

Advice for others: Set in place a hobby or projects that will keep your body and mind active. Didn’t have much contribution by others about what retirement was going to be like. Was encouraged by colleagues to take on a major project.

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