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Your story – 80+ year old partially retired female

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Age: 80 or older
Children: Yes

Highest school level: College/University degree

Social background: Married , 3 adult children who are all financially independent and live independently, own our home and a holiday house, two cars and camper trailer. My husband is already retired. Love swimming, movies and catching up for coffee with friends.

Career: Registered Nurse, working part time in a clinic as Senior Nurse.

Retirement plans: Plan to wholly retire

Describe typical day: Work day is 8.45 to 5pm Monday and Tuesday only. When not working I swim in the morning and garden, walk or sew in the afternoons when at home. Looking forward to travelling more in our camper when I retire.

Look forward to retirement: Yes

Expectations: Being able to enjoy our fab garden… grow our own food. Good health and live, not exist.

Hobbies: Swimming, bike riding, sewing, walking, gardening.

Continue to work: No

Encounter ageism: Very well

Live near family: Yes

Advice for others: Think carefully before you go and start introducing outside activities/hobbies before you leave.

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