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Apps for Seniors… sorry, Older Adults!

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I was looking for inspiration to write an article about the messaging apps users are flocking to after WhatsApp announced it would share data with Facebook. But that is for another day, as in my search, I came across Apple’s “Apps for seniors” in the App Store. It suggests apps for brain training, games, health & fitness, positive mental wellbeing, news & knowledge, food, staying connected, journaling and hobbies.

These apps have been collected by Apple for us, Silver Surfers, or for an elderly relative or friend to stay connected, entertained and inspired. They promote an active mind, a healthy body and connectivity to the wider world.

Suggestion such as Peak – Brain Training, Words With Friends, MyFitnessPal, Pocket Yoga, Smiling Mind, ABC iview (Australia), Tasty, Kitchen Stories Recipes, Facebook , Momento – Diary/Journal, PictureThis – Plant Identifier (really? – how great!) and Skillshare Creative Classes, are all worth checking out and I will certainly do so just as I finish writing this article.

Why am I writing this instead of my intended article? Well, when I decided to do a Google search (yes, I still use Google), I found another list of “Best Apps for Older Adults in 2021“. I appreciated the use of the words “older adults” and was confident I might find some goodies on this page.

These are those wonderful apps we all must have in 2021, as described on their web site:

  1. Medisafe – Manage Your Medications
  2. Google Maps – Remember Where You Parked
  3. Magnifying Glass + Flashlight – Read the Menu in a Dim Restaurant
  4. Facebook Messenger – Connect with Friends and Family
  5. Personal Capital – Take Charge of Retirement Planning
  6. GoodRx – Save Money on Prescriptions
  7. Snapfish – Get Those Photos off Your Phone
  8. Audible – Escape Into a Good Book
  9. LastPass – Never Forget a Password Again
  10. Words with Friends 2 – Play with Friends and Family Virtually
  11. Spotify – Listen to Music and Podcasts

Checking out the web site further, I wondered who were the people behind it and found their Who We Are page. Of their team of “experts”, I found maybe one or two who could be considered “older adults”. Considering the app list was apparently put together with people over 65 in mind, it might explain why I found the first three suggestions quite patronising.

I’m 57, apparently only a “young-un” in the world of Silver Surfers – I don’t take medications, and I can certainly still remember where my car is parked (besides, it’s bright yellow and can’t be missed!) and I can’t for the life of me imagine why anyone would use the Magnifying Glass app instead of reading glasses* when trying to read a menu.

Considering I’m in Australia and some of these apps are US-oriented, I’m unable to judge the apps themselves and I’m sure that some people may find all of them very helpful indeed. And that’s not my issue – my issue is the assumption that every “older adult” has issues with remembering to take their medication, or where their car is parked, or need a flashlight in a dim restaurant!

I would hope that if and when I reach the age of 65+, I’ll still be able to not only find my car by myself, but drive to dim restaurant and have a wonderful dinner without being reminded to take a pill.

OK – rant over.

Now I’m off to try out those apps…


*Full disclosure: I do have reading glasses.

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